Normally the opportunity to travel internationally and play the sport you love is restricted to those who make representative teams or those who are part of very proactive clubs.

Our travelling teams hope to change that and aims to provide opportunities for all youth players irrespective of age or sex to enjoy a similar experience.

If you don't make a representative team it doesn't mean you have missed your chance? If your club doesn't undertake tours it doesn't mean you can't.

Our teams will provide this opportunity!

What we are?

Our team are purely a travelling football club. It will not play in any domestic competition.

Our teams have been developed to provide opportunities for young footballers and coaches to experience international competition.

It has not been developed as an alternative to what is offered by state associations but rather to compliment existing programs and provide opportunities for those who may miss selection.

   An opportunity

  • The ultimate sports holiday experience

  • Totally organised packages by sports travel professionals

  • Fully qualified coaches with FFA recognised credentials and working with children accreditation​

  • All playing kits, travelling gear, bags

Our travelling teams

Where have we been?





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